What We Do

We work on almost any refrigerated system from water chillers to air dryers, from post mix systems to frozen carbonated beverage (slurpee/frozen coke) machines, and from display cabinets to cold rooms and walk-in freezers. If it gets cold – we can lend a hand.

Refrigerated Air Dryers

When it comes to compressed air systems, one of the most important components in regards to air quality is the air dryer. We reguarly service and repair most brands of refrigerated dryer, including Atlas Copco, Champion, Mark, Hiross, Pilot, Kaiser, SMC, Ultratroc, Ingersoll Rand, Frigematic, Jemaco and Royce.

Due to rebadging, many of these dryers are available with other brand names on them so when it comes to refrigerated air dryers – we fix them all! Wether it uses a thermal mass, traditional hot gas bypass, basic AX valve or even mechanically unloaded we can fix your air dryer quickly and efficiently.

Frozen Beverages

One of our major focuses is IMI Cornelius Frozen Carbonated Beverage (FCB) machines, also known as ‘Slurpee’ machines in 7-Elevens, ‘Frozen Coke’ machines in McDonalds, ‘Freezie’ machines in some cinemas and service stations, as well as several other proprietary names.

We work on all models of IMI Cornelius FCB machine including the V2, V3, V3+, V4, Wide Body Pinnacle, Slim Line Pinnacle and the new Viper series. We also work on the Lancer Frozen Beverage Dispensers (FBD), and slush machines of any brand (for example SPM, NICC, GBG, Cab Faby, and multiple rebadge and clones of the same products).

Process and Water Chillers

Water chillers are used to allow the refrigerant to remove heat from a process or product without ever coming into contact with that product. This means that unsealed systems such as water sprays can be used to chill items (such as during polypipe manufacture), or food and other consumables can be chilled without being contaminated. Other process chillers may chill oils (such as spindle oil for machining tools) or other liquid like brine for use in a secondary system.

We regularly service and repair most brands of water chillers, including SMC, Champion, Sharpen, Summit Matsu, Conair, Nitsu, Kanto Seiki, Climasa, Habor and Shini Plastics Technologies. As with air dryers, water and process chillers are often rebadged or custom made to suit an application so when it comes to water and process chillers – we fix them all! Dewar’s can also supply and service both ethylene and propylene glycol systems, utilising digital refractometers to ensure the brix of your brine solution is accurately maintained.

Cold and Freezer Rooms

We can work on your cold and freezer room – no matter who installed it, or the condition it is currently in! Common brands used in cold and freezer rooms are Kirby, Heatcraft, Buffalo Trident, Patton, Enthalpy, Cabero, Karyer, Greenhalgh, Muller, Tecumseh, Bitzer, Emerson and Copeland.

We stock most common refrigerants including R22, R134a, R404A, R407C, R438A, and R410A. We have licensed technicians who can work on hydrocarbon systems, including R290, R600, and R600a – which we also keep in stock!

Our service vans contain a large variety of fan motors, pressure controls, and other assorted refrigeration hardware that means jobs are usually completed without requiring the tech to leave site to pick up more parts.

Refrigerated Cabinets

We can assist with commercial cabinets of any brand and configuration. We work on brands such as Skope, Orford, Williams, Polar, Anvil Aire, Turboair, TRUE MFG, Shamrock, Artisan, and Bromic. Commercial cabinets are often rebadged or custom made to suit an application, so when it comes to refrigerated cabinets – we fix them all!

Our service vans contain a large variety of door closers, hinges, lighting components, and other cabinet hardware. Our workshop store room also keeps a variety of OEM door gaskets in stock, and we have access to multiple local manufacturers who can custom make replacement gaskets in very short time frames.

Temperature Calibrations

Do you need to keep a log of temperatures at critical control points? We offer temperature calibrations of controllers and thermostats to ensure that temperature is being accurately reported. Our service vans carry thermometers that are calibrated and issued with a traceable certificate. We can calibrate your equipment to ensure it is reading within +/-1°C, and provide a written report containing the traceable certificate number of the meter used.

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